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# AltiWx
*Yet another automated SDR-based station software*
, but this one is special it has way more functionality at it's core than anything made before, such featurs include
- Multi-Sat Receiving
1. if within the SDR's maximum bandwidth
2. if your antenna(s)can receive the frequencies of the satellites
- Web-UI
- Decoding scripts
## Why
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## Installation
# Web-UI
A home page in order for you to know that you're indeed in the AltiWx site
![Home page](images/chrome_6hslcNp8bA.png)
Logs page so you don't have to poll systemctl
![Logs page](images/chrome_PvP4n7cOje.png)
Simple way to add satellites
![Sats page](images/chrome_EGLj2Mhu5M.png)
Simple way to add downlinks
for the selected satellite
and script selection for decoding
![Sats DWLKED page](images/chrome_B0b9R9vL3d.png)
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